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Last Update: 17 October 2002

It was brilliant.

When we were waiting to go in there was an announcement over the tannoy which went something like: "Due to a technical problem tonight's performance has been ......"

You can imagine what we thought they were going to say!

"....delayed by 25 minutes."

Relief all round! When we got in the theatre and sat down (in the front row), the producer came on and said that due to technical problems they hadn't been able to have a dress rehearsal so this was the first time they'd done the play all the way through, so we actually saw the dress rehearsal!!!

Sean didn't wear a wig - we had to put up with the short hair, the costumes were based on army uniforms, they look a bit like SS officers. Sean wore loads of leather!!! At one point he was topless!!! He got to kiss Lady M and the 3 weird sisters. At the end when MacDuff has killed him he puts a really lifelike model head of Sean on a spike. I was trying to persuade my friend to jump on stage at the end and nick it but she wouldn't!! LOL.

Once again Sean was really wonderful and considering this was the dress rehearsal there were no mistakes except a few little stutters (from others, not Sean).

I really enjoyed the whole performance - being in the front row made us feel a part of it I think. Well, we got smothered by fake smoke, spat on by the actors (Sean included) and had guns pointed directly at us several times. LOL

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