LOTR - Sean Spills Beans On 'LOTR'

Last Update: 03 September 2000

17 July 2000

Source: Popcorn

Sean Spills Beans On 'LOTR'

'Lord Of The Rings' star Sean Bean has been one of the first cast members to describe life on the set of Peter Jackson's epic JRR Tolkien trilogy.

Talking to the Sunday Times, the English actor calls the process of working on three films at once "totally unbelievable. I am dipping from one script to another, all printed in different colours. It is a bigger investment than 'Titanic' and a lot of careers are sitting on this right to the end."

The 41-year-old Sheffield-born actor plays Boromir in the trilogy, but admits that he hadn't previously read any of the books. Now, having worked on it, he describes it as "a grown-up fairy tale that is dark and sinister. But it is an incredible fantasy that is quite wonderful and leaves you full of hope."

Bean explains that life on the New Zealand set has been anything but a picnic, with director Jackson proving a demanding taskmaster. "Peter Jackson has been waiting to go on this for years, so what do you expect?" Bean notes. "He is demanding and incredibly talented. He has had the models, the graphics, the costumes in his head for years and can finally see the reality of it. He is creating something that has never been seen before."

'Lord Of The Rings' opens across the world on December 14, 2001.

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