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Last Update: 30 May 2001

Lord of the Rings Actor Had Goblin Nightmares
25 May 2001

Sean Bean says he had nightmares about goblins and dwarves while filming the Lord Of The Rings trilogy.

The actor says he could not escape from the film's fantasy creatures during the 18 months of filming.

Bean plays the warrior Boromir in the £200 million adventure based on the books by J R R Tolkien.

The trilogy of films were all shot on location in isolated regions of New Zealand and on a pre-built set in Wellington.

Bean, 42, says: "Wherever you turned all you saw were elves or Hobbits or their tiny homes. There was no escape.

"At night you had dreams and nightmares. It was an all-consuming thing, a passion shared by everyone."

The first movie in the trilogy, The Fellowship Of The Ring, is being released in the UK just before Christmas.


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