The Lord of the Rings - Cannes Coverage

Last Update: 07 August 2001

Assorted photos of Sean at Cannes....(apologies for the length of time
this page will take to load)

From Empire Magazine (July 2001)

 Sean and Orcs - from People News

Sean and an unidentified Orc -
from Film Unlimited (15 May 2001)

Sean and more Orcs - from the LA Times

Those Orcs again...from E! Online

Sean on Channel 4's Big Breakfast - 14 May 2001

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These two photos from Wire Image
(You can also find them posted on IMDB)


These screen caps are from Film 2001.

 "Tolkien blockbuster to-be Lord Of The Rings debuted in Cannes this week, with distributors New Line allowing a select band of journo's a sneek peek at a mere 20 minutes of footage. On the back of that, the chosen few were then granted interviews with the film's stars, although the results have been embargoed until the film's release in December."

Film 2001
May 17, 2001

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These screen caps are from Herr-der-Ringe's exclusive video of the LOTR Cannes party.

 To see this clip with Real Player go here:

or here:

(Sean appears at about 3.39 minutes in the video)

From Newsweek Japan (courtesy TORN)

British actor Sean Bean (c) as Boromir in the film "The Lord of the Rings", directed by New Zealand's director/writer/producer Peter Jackson, poses with performers dressed as orcs for the party at the hill-top Chateau Castellaras, during the 54th Cannes Film Festival, 13 May 2001.


Agence France Presse, 05-13-2001.

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