The Lord of the Rings - Cannes Coverage

Last Update: 15 May 2001

Film Unlimited
14 May 2001

How Cannes I stand the pace?

Guardian writer Amy Fleming

We later gave up on the Hollywood Reporter do as it was too
overcrowded so we retreated to the Soho House boat which was much
more fun as the cast of Lord of the Rings had had the same idea. Sean
Bean looked rugged as ever and Ian McKellen was having no trouble
keeping up with younger cast members Elijah Wood (The Faculty), and
Orlando Bloom who told us we weren't allowed to go home yet because
the night "was still young" - so we stayed a little while longer.
He'd just finished filming Ridley Scott's Black Hawk Down in Morocco
and was in town promoting Peter Jackson's production of the Lord of
the Rings trilogy. Orlando was a Cannes virgin, bless him, and only
24 but for us old Cannes pros, such were the excesses of the night
before that not even being chatted up by handsome young actors could
keep us from our beds.

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