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Last Update: 11 May 2001


11 May 2001

Friday, 11 May, 2001, 14:13 GMT 15:13 UK
Cannes preview for Rings
Most cast members attended the screening and party

A select band of film industry members and journalists have been given a 20-minute preview of the first Lord of the Rings movie at a chateau outside Cannes. Props ands parts of the set from Middle Earth - the fictional realm where the story is based - provided atmosphere for the 300 guests.

Most of the cast were flown in for the event, which took place in tight security.

The film - due out in December - is the first instalment of a trilogy based on JRR Tolkien's epic novels and stars Sir Ian McKellen, Cate Blanchett and Sean Bean.

The first instalment will be released in December

Friday's screening was held at the hill-top Chateau Castellaras, built in 1927, which is normally a £150-a-night hotel.

Pieces of the set from the much-anticipated fantasy film were shipped to France from New Zealand, where filming has been taking place.

Journalists were asked to sign a declaration of goodwill before watching the clip.

All the cast apart from Cate Blanchett were said to be attending. It also stars Liv Tyler, Elijah Wood and Ian Holm.

'Small part'

The trilogy of novels has been filmed back to back and will be released as three movies over the next few years.

The first instalment - The Fellowship of the Ring - is reported to have cost more than $100m (£70m) to make.


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