LOTR - Calendars

Last Update: 10 January 2002

There are four commercial calendars featuring Boromir. There's also a link to a free downloadable Boromir calendar at the bottom of this page.


The Student planner covering July 30, 2001 to Sep. 1, 2002.
Boromir is on the week of Oct. 29-Nov. 4.

For more info visit Cedco.



The Wall Calendar.
Boromir is November.

For more info visit New Line



The Daily Boxed Calendar (Jan 1, 2002-Dec. 31, 2002).
Boromir is featured on Mar. 20, Sep. 7/8, Oct. 9 and Nov. 6.

For more info visit Cedco.


The Locker Calendar.
Boromir is September

For more info visit Cedco.


Gisela Franz, who has a Sean Bean website, has created a free, downloadable and printable
calendar which features Boromir on every page.

Click here to access Gisela's site, and follow the link to her calendar.

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