Sharpe's Legend

Last Update: 26 December 1997

A compilation video of the Sharpe series called Sharpe's Legend was released in October 1997 by Carlton Television.

Sharpe's Legend is narrated by Michael Mears (Rifleman Cooper) and is set in a 19th century pub and tells the story of Richard Sharpe. It recounts Sharpe's life as both a Sergeant and Lieutenant and his many female conquests.

On the battleground Sharpe is magnificent, and his courage, strength and determination prove him to be a leader. When he is made an officer, Sharpe becomes an outsider and must earn respect from his regiment. Accused of a murder he didn't commit, to his escape from prison, this action - packed video takes you from France to England and includes all the drama and adventure of Sharpe's most impressive battle scenes and swashbuckling swordfights.

Sharpe - The Legend also focuses on the many women in his life, from Commandante Teresa the Spanish partisan who teaches Sharpe how to love, to Miss Jane Gibbons who betrays him when he is falsely accused of murder.

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