The Hitcher - WHAT WOULD YOU DO Contest

Last Update: 27 April 2007

The Killer is in the house—do you run up the stairs? Out the back door?
You’re trapped in a hotel room with no phone there is a killing-psychopath hot
on your tail—take a shower? Take a nap? If you’ve ever said, “I totally wouldn’t
have…” to a movie then this contest was built for you.
In the blood-drenched, action-packed movie The Hitcher, Sophia Bush and
Zachary Knighton battle a hitchhiker turned psychopath killer played by Sean
Bean. In order to survive this terrifying game of cat and mouse the two road
trippers must outsmart and outrun the hitchhiker. Are YOU up to the challenge?
If you think you’re ready—read the following scenarios from The Hitcher and
tell us what YOU would do. Be honest, be creative and dare to survive! Submit
your answers using the links below and the most original, creative and
entertaining answers will be posted on the sites and score you a Hitcher
shirt and DVD thrill pack!
After you rack your brain, click on the links to see how The Hitcher played out.
(There is a different contest on each of the links's one prize pack for each
Hitchhike here to “The Hitcher”
Hitchhike here to “We’ve Got to Warn Them”
Hitchhike here to “Restaurant Bathroom”
Hitchhike here to “The Struggle”
Hitchhike here to "Crash"


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