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26 Mar 03

Winstone on the throne

King Ray
Ray Winstone will play Henry VIII in a forthcoming television biography
about the notoriously-bad-with-women monarch. The programme will
also star Helena Bonham Carter as Anne Boleyn, relieved of her head
in 1536 for infidelity. Winstone will take the lead in the six million
pound production, which has been brought forward due to concerns that
Bonham Carter's pregnancy may soon impede her acting. She is expecting
her first child by director Tim Burton. Kathy Burke will star as Anne
'The Mare' of Cleves, whom Henry, duped by a flattering portrait, found
so ugly that the marriage was never consummated, and Anna Friel as
Catherine Parr, the last of Henry's six wives. Directed by Pete Travis of
Cold Feet fame, the two-part drama follows the monarch from his days
as a ladies man to a fat church-splitting invalid. Other stars will
include Sean Bean, David Suchet, Emilia Lloyd and Charles Dance.


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