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27 Mar 03

Who's the luvvie?
WHO’S the luvvie? Tough guy film star Ray Winstone if these pictures are
anything to go by.
He has swopped his usual role as a hardman to play King Henry VIII in a
new TV movie.
Ray even had to wear TIGHTS for the £6million ITV production — but they
were made of chain mail to go under a full suit of armour.
The 46-year-old — who made his name screaming “Who’s the daddy?” in
the brutal 1977 film Scum — said of playing the Tudor king: “It’s a
fantastic part for an actor to get his teeth into.”
But he was not so keen on wearing those metal undies.
The East End boy and former boxer added: “Tights? Leave it out. I do get
a huge codpiece, though. But it has nothing to do with the size of the
King’s dainty bits, it’s just what he wore in those days.”
Henry VIII focuses on the English king’s treatment of his six wives,
charting his descent from handsome womaniser to a bitter invalid
who split the Church and the nation.
The 200-minute, two-part drama is due to be screened in the autumn.
It is being directed by Cold Feet creator Pete Travis.
David Suchet, Emilia Fox, Sean Bean and Charles Dance co-star.
Helena Bonham Carter will appear on telly for the first time in nine
years playing Henry’s second wife Anne Boleyn, who he had beheaded.
Filming started this month and was rumoured to have been pushed
forward to hide the fact that Helena is pregnant.
Who’s the daddy? Movie director Tim Burton.


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