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Source: Scotsman
ITV's Henry VIII
15 Oct 2003
HISTORICALLY, it was a wee bit shaky, even hackneyed, but ITV’s Henry
VIII was fine television, a lavish costume drama which showed Britain’s
biggest commercial network can still take on the BBC on its own territory
and make a decent fist of it.
Helena Bonham Carter was a little long in the tooth to be playing Anne
Boleyn but David Suchet was superb as Wolsey and Ray Winstone a very
creditable Henry. In excess of 7.7 million tuned in. More of this and the
new combined ITV will soon have rebuilt its credentials for quality,
popular programming.
I have only one quibble: we have little idea what Henry VIII sounded like
but Winstone should have stuck with whatever accent he thought appropriate
from the start. His meandered all over the place, from the Mile End Road to
Southend via the House of Lords. Indeed, at one point, the King of England
was the only person in the drama who wasn’t speaking the King’s English.


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