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Source: Radio Times
26 Aug 2003

"The Fizz Factor"

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Henry VIII (ITV1)

School textbooks don't show Henry VIII as a handsome playboy going
to seed, or Anne Boleyn as a scheming, minxy seductress. That,
however, is how they're portrayed - by Ray Winstone and Helena
Bonham-Carter - in this two-part blockbuster which promises an
impressive cast of castles (Arundel, Leeds, Berkeley) plus an
equally starry array of actors. There's Emilia Fox as Jane
Seymour, Clare Holman as Catherine Parr, David Suchet as Cardinal
Wolsey, Mark Strong as the Duke of Norfolk, Michael Maloney as
Archbishop Cranmer, Sean Bean as a dashing revolutionary - and a
quick hello from Joss Ackland as Henry VII.


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