Special Sean Bean Photos Available from Jason Salkey's Harris Collection

Last Update: 15 March 2009

These are authentic behind-the-scenes photos of Sean taken or set up by Jason Salkey (Rifleman Harris) during the filming of the original Sharpe series in the mid-1990s. To order prints, please contact Jason at the email / postal address listed below. Prices shown include postage and handling.

(Please note - the actual prints do not have a Compleat Sean Bean watermark)

Click on the thumbnails to see larger versions.


Sean arriving home after a long day's shoot, SHARPE’S COMPANY
Nov 1993

On set during Sharpe’s murder trial scene, SHARPE’S HONOUR
Dec 1993

Dressed for dinner at Yalta’s top hotel, SHARPE’S HONOUR
Nov 1993

Taking cover from the rain in a minibus” SHARPE’S COMPANY
Oct 1993

Armed with his breakfast tea Sean sits for Make-up, SHARPE’S GOLD
Aug 1994

On set catching up with the outside world, SHARPE’S SWORD
Aug 1994

High above Yalta’s bay about to meet Loup’s Brigade, SHARPE’S BATTLE
Sept 1994

Covering Sean’s ‘100 % BLADE’ tattoo, SHARPE’S SWORD
Dec 1994

Waiting to shoot at Baidar Valley, Ukraine, SHARPE’S SWORD
Nov 1994

Last touches before Sean films in Portugal, SHARPE’S SWORD
Dec 1994

In Turkey, ready to film the Harris arrest scene, SHARPE’S MISSION
Nov 1995

A break from work on the last day of series four, SHARPE’S SIEGE
Dec 1995

In northern Turkey to film the last big battle, SHARPE’S WATERLOO
Sept 1996

Email Jason:
jason dot salkey at ntlworld dot com
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Complete Sean set
All photos are 12cm x 17cm

UK ......... £17.50 / £20.50 Paypal
US ......... $35.00 Cash / 40.00 Paypal / US$45.00 Check
EUR ....... E25 CASH / E29 Paypal
CAN .......$40 Cash / $45.00 Paypal / $50.00 Check
AUS .......$45.00 Cash / $55.00 Paypal / $57.50 Check

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