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Last Update: 03 March 2007

03 March 2007 | Sean was interviewed on BBC2's Steve Wright show, on Friday, March 2. You can hear the whole interview on the BBC's Steve Wright page here:
Look for the "Listen Again" link on the right side of the page, and click on the link for Friday. Sean is around the 4.30pm mark.

03 March 2007 | Sean was interviewed about Outlaw recently. You can see the clip on Youtube here:

13 January 2007 | New interview with Sean at Movies Online

10 June 2006 | There's a filmed interview with Sean and his Outlaw co-stars, and a photo, at the City of Gloucester page, here. There are also some mentions of Sean in Sonic's Production Diary for Outlaw. Go to the Outlaw Official Site and follow the links to the Production Diary. You can also watch a Channel Four news story about filming Outlaw, which has some good shots of Sean at work. It takes a while to load and there's an ad before the actual story. And there's an Outlaw video blog here.

20 Apr 2006 | Sean will be on GMTV in the UK on Friday morning, and/or Monday morning (pre-recorded appearance)

15 March 2006 |An interview with Sean, and "The Dark" screencaps, from a recent German tv broadcast. Info here:

05 Feb 2006 | A very nice interview with Sean promoting "North Country" can be found here:
Look on the left side of the page for the "Exclusive Interview with Sean Bean" and click on your preferred download speed.

05 Feb 2006 | Sean appeared on BBC Radio 2's Steve Wright show, on Thursday, 02 Feb. You can listen to it here:
Click on "Listen Again" for Thursday
Sean's interview appears at about 1 hour 33 minutes (after Will Young's "All Time Love") (about 17:33). It's about two minutes long.
In this same interview, Sean comments that "Sharpe's Challenge" will be shown on ITV on April 23 and April 24, 2006.
On that same note, ITV1 in the UK is running preview ads for upcoming programs, and "Sharpe's Challenge" is featured.

05 Feb 2006 | The Sun (UK tabloid) featured a video interview with Charlize, Sean and Niki Caro at the North Country premiere in London. You can find it here:,,2001550000,00.html
Click on UK Premiere of North Country (Watch the Video Here) (it's a pop-up window)
A fan has made screencaps here:

05 Feb 2006 | You can watch Sean's appearance on "Entertainment Today" by downloading the zip files from these two links:

03 Feb 2006 | Sean was interviewed in Yorkshire Today (01 Feb 06):

Sean was on "Entertainment Today" (ITV1) twice (03 Feb 06) - possibly repeated on ITV2 or 3 over the weekend. 1. Sit down chat with the Jenni Falconer 2. During the entertainment reporter's section outside during which Sean was constantly checking his mobile phone for the Blades' scores

01 Feb 2006 | Sean was interviewed on This Morning, on ITV1, on Tuesday January 31. You can download a Windows Media copy of this (11 minutes, 35 Mb) from this blog site (look for the link to the zip file). There are screencaps on Bean Box.

29 Jan 2006 | Sean is scheduled to be interviewed on "This Morning", on ITV1, in the UK, on Tuesday, January 31. Check your local listings for times. You might also check other morning chat shows (ie, GMTV) for possible appearances.

03 Oct 2005 | Listen to Sean on Minnesota Public Radio here) (background here)

11 Sep 2005 | Sean is scheduled to appear on US tv show Good Morning America [ABC], Thurs Sep 15

01 Feb 2003 | Sean appeared on the Jonathan Ross Show (BBC Radio 2)

31 Dec 2002 | Sean appeared on Neil Warnock's Christmas Radio Show (BBC Radio Sheffield)

18 Feb 2002 | Sean appeared on Film 2002 (Jonathan Ross movie review program) (BBC1)
(talking about Don't Say a Word)

2002 | Macbeth - please visit the Macbeth Press Pages (Multimedia Downloads) for Sean's
tv and radio appearances

26 Dec 2001 | Sean appeared on Rosie O'Donnell (ABC - US)

15 Dec 2001 | Sean appeared on The Early Show (CBS - US)

12 Dec 2001 | Sean appeared on Big Breakfast (Carlton/LWT)

25 Nov 2001 | Sean appeared on The Frank Skinner Show (Carlton/LWT)

28 Oct 2000 | Sean appeared on Footy Shorts (Channel 5) (Post charity-game interview)

17 Oct 2000 | Sean's dad appeared on The Priory (Break Bumper) - talking about Sean

24 July 1997 | Sean was "God for the Day" on Simon Mayo - BBC Radio One

02 May 1997 | Sean was interviewed by Chris Evans on TFI Friday

04 April 1997 | Sean confessed to being hooked on "The Beautiful Game" during a review of Fever Pitch on Drive Time (Capital Radio, 4 Apr 97)

25 Oct 1996 | Sean discussed the GoldenEye Home Video release on The Late Jonathan Ross (Channel 4)

04 March 1996 | Sean appeared briefly in a Tony Hadley video on Good Morning Britain (ITV) (Interview: When Saturday Comes - with Ann Diamond and Nick Owen)

01 March 1996 | Chris Evans interviewed Sean about When Saturday Comes on TFI Friday.

01 March 1996 | Sean was interviewed on Pebble Mill (BBC1) re: When Saturday Comes, with Alan
Titchmarsh - this was a repeat of a May 1995 interview minus location, film and other clips-
introduced by by Sarah Greene; Tony Hadley follows.

01 March 1996 | Sean was interviewed on GMTV (ITV), re: When Saturday Comes, with Eamonn Holmes and Anthea Turner, in 2 parts. Sean was due to appear 29th Feb, but was unwell;
Tony Hadley appeared instead on that day singing "Build Me Up".

March 1996 | Sean appeared on The Late, Late Show (Irish chat show, with Gay Byrne)

28 Feb 1996 | Sean appeared on This Morning (Interview: When Saturday Comes Sheffield premiere) (ITV)

January 1996 | Sean appeared on the Sky Sports Soccer 95 Awards (Sky Sports)

25 Dec 1995 | Sean discussed his role in GoldenEye on GoldenEye: Secret Files (Documentary Special) (ITV)

Dec 1995 | Jonathan Ross interviewed Sean about GoldenEye - In Search of James Bond

May 1995 | Alan Titschmarsh interviewed Sean about When Saturday Comes on Pebble Mill (BBC1), with with location clips, film and other clips

March 1995 | Sean made a guest appearance on Fantasy Football League (BBC2)

1994 | Sean appears for about 2 minutes in the commercially released video, Two Men and a Football (a Fantasy Football League Videotape )

Dec 1994 | Sean put in a guest appearance on Fantasy Football League (BBC2)

24 May 1994 | Jonathan Miller interviewed Sean during a feature on filming the Sharpe series on GMTV (ITV)

05 May 1993 | Sean was interviewed at Albert Dock, Liverpool, for This Morning (ITV) prior to the show's move to London.

1992 | Sean appeared in The Secret World of Spying (made for TV documentary on the making of the film Patriot Games) (A&E, 30 mins)

Unknown dates | BBC Sports Sheffield United FC (BBC) Brief chat with Sean.

Interview with Debbie Greenwood (ITV, possibly 93/94) Discussing Sharpe Series 1, etc.,
possibly from UK TV chat show TV Weekly

Sky Sports Live - Champions of Sport Live. (Sky Sports Channel) (date unknown,
possibly 1995)

The Biz (Cable Channel 1) (featuring Sean on set of GoldenEye)

The Biz (Cable Channel 1) (When Saturday Comes Premiere in Sheffield)

The Biz (Cable Channel 1) (ES Magazine Photo Session - Session with photographer,
John Stoddart, Sean at Battersea Power Station leaning on an old 'porpoise' Citroen)




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