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Last Update: 20 Feb 2006

Source: My Entertainment World
Title: FACELESS, TV Pilot - 1 Hour Drama for FOX.
EXEC PROD, Joe Carnahan, Tony Krantz, Daniel Rappaport, Evelyn O'Neill
CO-EXEC PROD, Dario Scardapane
DIR, Joe Carnahan
WRTR, Dario Scardapane.
Shoot Dates: Early March, 2006.
Breakdown-- Eddie Pray: Early 30s. Eddie Pray is a hard criminal, an a__hole,
an animal, determined, through cunning and brutality, to rise through the
L.A. crime hierarchy for his own purposes - which happen to be those of John
Series Regular; John Robson: A Federal Prosecutor living in Sherman Oaks
with his young family, he is driven, brilliant and intuitive. Robson is
fiercely certain that there is a link between all the crime factions in L.A.,
and that there is one overlord whose capture will topple them all. Despite
losing support from the FBI, despite the nagging doubt of his assistant
prosecutor, Diana Palos, and despite the mounting pressure from his wife
to spend more time with their family, Robson won't back down from his
conviction and set the wheels in motion, not for the first time, to try to
get to the top via one of the middlemen, Lucas Reynosa. Before he can
close the deal with Reynosa, however, Robson is brutally beaten, shot
in the head, thrown into the river and left for dead - but manages to
reach a phone for help and winds up in a hospital, where, after being
in a coma for three months and learning that his family has been killed,
he emerges, a new man with an old agenda: Eddie Pray.
Lead; Diana Palos: 28, her looks made even more appealing by her
intelligence and tenacity, a workaholic, Diana is John Robson's Assistant
Prosecutor, who likes and respects him but is growing nervous that his pet
project - interconnecting the crime hierarchy of L.A. till he reaches the head
honcho - is unrealistic and unachievable. Extremely capable, experienced,
savvy, Diana is promoted to Federal Prosecutor after John Robson's
near-murder and his subsequent disappearance. Working closely with FBI
agent Ambrose, Diana has clearly taken on Robson's obsession, and is
working the same suspects with the same frustrating results. Not given
to paranoia, Diana reluctantly accepts Ambrose's insistence that she have
police protection.
Series Regular; Supervising Special Agent Vincent Ambrose: 30s. An FBI
agent, white collar with a steel spine, Ambrose is fed up with John Robson's
apparently fruitless goose chase for the top of command of the crime chain,
and is about to pull FBI aid to Robson's pet project. Attracted to Diana,
Ambrose gives Robson one more chance and, in the aftermath of the
attempted murder of Robson and the murder of his family, appears to have
jumped on the bandwagon himself. Fully committed to following Diana's
lead in Robson's pet project, Ambrose is worried about Diana's safety, and
insists that she accept police protection.
Series Regular; Langdon Fox: 40s, feral, smart, wealthy, confident, with
the messy haircut only serious money can buy, Langdon is a criminal
attorney par excellence, specializing in working the system in favor of
the criminal hierarchy of L.A. - in particular, Bailey Hughes, the owner of
a huge pornography empire whose interests are well served by Langdon -
who may not be working for Bailey but above him. Expert at pulling strings
at all levels the criminal spectrum, Langdon handily gets both Lucas Reynosa
and Bailey out of hot legal water.
Series Regular; Mari Reynosa: Early 20s, a college student, beautiful, wary,
street smart, intelligent. She's Lucas' sister. Very much aware of her brother's
criminal career and unintimdated by his weasely threats, Mari is fascinated
by Eddie Pray, and seems to see something beneath his calculating surface.
(Posted: January 26, 2006)



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