Equilibrium Delayed

Last Update: 09 June 2002

Equilibrium Delayed
June 2002
Sci Fi Wire

Actor Angus MacFadyen, who appears in the upcoming SF movie Equilibrium, told SCI FI Wire that the futuristic political film is being delayed indefinitely in reaction to the current political climate. "I have a feeling that because of 9/11, since the film is very much about that the enemy is within, it may be too dark for right now," MacFadyen said in an interview.

The film tells the story of a future society in which the population is forced to take a drug that suppresses all emotions. When a government agent (Christian Bale) starts to experience feelings, he falls into conflict with his bosses. MacFadyen would play the highest-up boss. "I play the president of the world, who is a bit of a fascist," MacFadyen said. "Everybody thinks he's a nice guy, but actually, he's the baddie." Equilibrium was produced by Dimension Films and was formerly titled Librium.

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