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Last Update: 01 January 2001

Source: Gala Magazine

Date: December 2000

Love and filming on the (River) Spree

Christian Bale has been filming in Berlin for eight weeks. His wife came from Los Angeles so that the Hollywood star wouldn't feel quite so lonely.

The "American Psycho" star and his wife Sibi have been inseparable since their wedding in January. Even for the shooting of the science-fiction thriller "Equilibrium" Christian Bale brought his "better half" with him. "I'm very happy that she is with me," he said.

And in order to make her feel really comfortable he rented a large flat in the fashionable Schöneberg district for their eight-week stay. While Bale was standing in front of the cameras at Tempelhof airport and in the Reichstag building, Sibi roamed the city in her rented BMW and bought Christmas presents for her loved ones in L.A.

Many thanks to Gisela Franz, Roelie Tolman and Janice Foster for their translations from the original German text.

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