Potsdamer Platz

Last Update: 01 January 2007
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Map of Berlin

The area inside the red square is shown to the right.


Click here to visit Stadtplan.net, and here to visit Stadtplandienst.de, the sources of these maps.

Historically the focal point of Berlin, with its luxurious hotels and restaurants, during the 1920's the Potsdamer Platz was the busiest crossroads in Europe. Having suffered almost total destruction during WWII, the Postdamer Platz was later to be divided in two by the Berlin Wall. Now a bustling construction site, this area was for many years completely deserted. Many offices, homes, shops and cultural institutes are currently under construction or newly completed. These include the futuristic-looking steel and glass architecture of the Sony Center (the company´s new European headquarters), which houses offices, apartments and an urban entertainment centre.

Source: Berlin Info

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