Sci-fi thriller for Oscar nominee

Last Update: 14 November 2000

Sci-fi thriller for Oscar nominee

Source: Press Association

Date: 13 May 2000

Two-times Oscar nominee Emily Watson is to star in a science fiction thriller about a world in which all forms of feeling are banned.

The British star, who missed out on best actress Oscars for her roles in Breaking the Waves and Hilary and Jackie, will appear in Librium, according to Variety magazine.

Watson will star alongside Taye Diggs, who plays a man who ends up rebelling against the laws of a fascist dictatorship he is supposed to be enforcing.

The movie, to be directed by Kurt Wimmer - who made the Thomas Crown Affair remake - is expected to start filming in July.

It will be produced by Jan De Bont and Lucas Foster, whose combined credits include blockbusters Speed, Twister, The Haunting, The Mask of Zorro and Crimson Tide.


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