Last Update: 16 December 2000
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Map of Berlin

The area inside the red square is shown to the right.


Click here to visit Stadtplan.net, and here to visit Stadtplandienst.de, the sources of these maps.

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Completed in 1936 for the Olympic Games, this Neoclassical structure was intended as a tool of Nazi propaganda; this is the place where American runner Jesse Owens won four gold medals, much to the chagrin of Adolf Hitler.

Designed by Werner March, the seating at the Olympiastadion falls away below ground level to create a surprisingly deep auditorium. Under renovation (and closed to the public) until 2004, it is still possible to see inside by paying to watch Hertha BSC, the resident football team.

Olympischer Platz
14053 Berlin-Charlottenburg

U-Bahn: Olympiastadion

Bus: 145, 149, 218, 434

Source: Berlin Info

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