FilmForce Exclusive: William Fichtner Cast in Librium

Last Update: 14 November 2000

FilmForce Exclusive: William Fichtner Cast in Librium

Source: Filmforce/IGN

15 August 2000

A source close to the production has informed FilmForce that character actor William Fichtner (Sully in The Perfect Storm, Burke the "Confederated Products"-peddlin' cop in Go) has been cast in Librium, joining Christian Bale, Emily Watson, and Taye Diggs. Fichtner, who recently finished filming the comedy What's The Worst That Could Happen? (see our WTWTCH set report), will play Jurgen, leader of an underground resistance movement.

As Stax described in his script review a little while back, Librium takes place in an undetermined future where nearly everyone is sedated with the drug librium, virtually nullifying their emotions. Bale plays John Preston, one of the "Grammaton Clerics," a group of Jedi Knight-like fighters that make sure everyone is on librium. Jurgen is the leader of a group of "sense offenders" - people who don't take their librium - and is aiming to take down the government.

Librium, with its distinct shades of Logan's Run and Minority Report, will begin filming in the fall with Kurt Wimmer (Sphere) at the helm, to be released by Dimension Films in 2001.

Special thanks to Stax for tracking down this bit of news!

- Brian Z.

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