Librium Gets a Title Change

Last Update: 14 November 2000

Librium Gets a Title Change

Source: Filmforce/IGN

20 October 2000

The title for writer-director Kurt Wimmer's forthcoming science fiction flick Librium has now been officially changed to Equilibrium. A source close to the production advised IGN FilmForce that the new title is just a temporary one and that the final title may be the name of a drug other than Librium, which is a trademark owned by a pharmaceutical firm.

This goes along with the speculations I made in my review of the script, when I said, "I can't help but wonder if the filmmakers will get sued for associating this product with fascism and the loss of free will." The script certainly paints an ugly (and falsified, from what I've been told) picture of the drug Librium.

Equilibrium is now filming in Europe with a cast that includes Christian Bale, Emily Watson, Taye Diggs, Angus MacFayden, and William Fichtner.

- STAX likes this cast a lot.


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