DiCaprio movie to be shot in Ceausescu's palace

Last Update: 07 November 2000

DiCaprio movie to be shot in Ceausescu's palace

Source: Film Unlimited

Tuesday April 11, 2000

Leonardo DiCaprio is to star in a film which will be partially shot in the palace of Romania's former dictator, Nicolae Ceausescu.

Librium, a science-fiction epic set in the year 2070, will use the enormous People's House in Bucharest, which, when it was built by Ceausescu, was second in size among government buildings only to the Pentagon. It now houses Romania's parliament and other official institutions.

An earlier request by Miramax to use the building had been turned down on the grounds that it invoked "possible image prejudices". Liberal Party politician Andrei Chiliman explained that those who had voted against the project suffered from "pyschological blockages" connected with the extravagant building and the gross excesses of its former occupants, who were overthrown in the anti-communist revolution in December 1989. Chiliman said he hoped that its use in a Hollywood movie would both attract tourists to the country and diminish its painful associations for many Romanians.

Filming in and around Bucharest will begin in August.


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