De Bont High on 'Librium'

Last Update: 07 November 2000

De Bont High on 'Librium'

Source: Billboard

05 October 1999

LOS ANGELES (Billboard) - Jan De Bont and Lucas Foster's Blue Tulip Productions has signed a deal with Dimension Films to produce "Librium," a futuristic sci-fi thriller written by Kurt Wimmer (1999's "The Thomas Crown Affair"). Wimmer will direct the film, which will be produced by De Bont ("Speed," "Twister," "The Haunting") and Foster ("The Mask of Zorro," "Bad Boys," "Crimson Tide"). "Librium" is on a production fast track, with principal photography expected to begin in Europe early next year. "Librium" is the story of the spiritual conversion of agent John Preston, who is the legal enforcer of an oppressive system in which human emotion is forbidden and suppressed by a required daily dose of Librium.


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