LOTR - A Quick Look at LOTR's Key Players

Last Update: 16 June 2000

12 January 2000

Source: E! Online

A Quick Look at LOTR's Key Players

by John Forde


The Star: Sean Bean
The Part: Boromir, the human, eldest son of Denethor, Steward of
Gondor. A member of Frodo's entourage, he is a loner and adventurer
who almost falls under the evil influence of the ring.

The Credits: Renowned for playing burly, working-class lads and
manipulative villains, Bean is a charismatic force in the British film and
theater world. Credits include GoldenEye, Ronin and Patriot Games.
Semi-famous for frolicking nude and saying "ooh-arr" a lot in Ken
Russell's made-for-TV Lady Chatterley.



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