Extremely Dangerous - Plot Synopsis (Episode 3)

Last Update: 03 December 1999
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Episode Three

With his pursuers closing in Byrne, now the nation's most wanted man, uses his evasion skills to find an empty house in which to lie low, and alter his appearance - the loyal Ali-Khan pretends not to notice.

While his nightmarish flashbacks grow worse, Byrne is desperate to get hold of a copy of Patagonia - he knows that the codes are of vital importance if he is to find the truth behind his family's gruesome deaths. Annie Fleming, who is in trouble with the syndicate for saving Byrne from Elgin's killers, discovers more evidence that her lover Connor was responsible for her father's downfall.

But Connor has other problems: while he co-ordinates the mafia's search for Byrne, the nearly-completed Northern Eagle luxury hotel, the syndicate's "legit" flagship has been burnt down. Connor demands to have Byrne brought to him, alive.

The police hunt for Byrne is increased by the arrival of DCS Wallace, a seasoned, straight detective, on whose patch in Scotland Byrne initially escaped. Meanwhile Connor insists Annie brings him Byrne - but Annie and her father realise that Byrne can help their agenda of revenge only if he is alive.

Wallace, discovering that Prison Governor Gregg is in contact with Byrne, goes to see Hugo Ericson, head of the Byrne's MI5 section, for more information on Byrne's complex double life. Ericson gives him short shrift - he won't discuss matters of national security with a lowly policeman.

Wallace then learns from forensics that Byrne was Edith Ramsay's lodger and that the method of killing Edith was too similar to the method used to kill Byrne's wife and daughter to be a co-incidence. The feeling is that Byrne is a psycopath who's killing spree is far from complete, the manhunt needs to be stepped up even further.

Ericson is seducing the wife of one of his employees when Byrne breaks in to his house, cracks the combination of his safe and finds a copy of Patagonia. He makes a copy of the vital information on its pages. Annie meets Byrne at a smart restaurant, and reveals information she has discovered in Connor's flat - details of bank drafts, and a copy of Patagonia.

The mobs get a tip off from the failed mini-cab office robbers that Neil Byrne is also known as Spanish John, working as a mini cab driver. Connor himself goes to Ali-Khan who brilliantly manages to spin a web of lies to throw the mob off Byrne's scent.

Alicia Millar, Byrne's ex-MI5 colleague arranges to meet Byrne at Deansgate. The bait will be the original copy of Patagonia, without which Byrne knows he will never break the code. But it is, as Byrne suspects, a trap.

With MI5 in pursuit, Byrne makes a daring escape by jumping from a railway bridge.

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