Extremely Dangerous - Plot Synopsis (Episode 2)

Last Update: 03 December 1999
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Episode Two

Episode Two begins with Neil Byrne working as a minicab driver for the amiable Ali-Khan in a desperate struggle to remain free. He now knows that the intelligence services are denying his work for them, effectively abandoning him to the pursuing crime syndicate,and their compunctionless killers; the local police; and the local police, all of whom are happy to believe that they are hunting a psychopathic killer. And all will use Byrne as a pawn for their own services.

The nationwide manhunt for Byrne is stepped up but he was trained in survival techniques and is a smart operator, they cannot catch him. Meanwhile, he continues to pursue individual mobsters in an effort to get to the truth and try and turn them against each other. MI5 boss Hugo Ericson tells his team they will not be reporting Byrne's break in. As far as they're concerned he never existed.

Byrne phones Gregg (Byrne's prison governor) in a desperate attempt to retrieve 'Patagonia'. Fleming steers Byrne on this subject, suggesting the strange codes contained are related to secret bank accounts. If Fleming can not find out who is responsible for his downfall from his hospital bed, he can certainly use Byrne to help him.

Meanwhile, Byrne faces trouble in his 'day' job when two youths try to rob the mini-cab office. Byrne skillfully disarms them and fights them off. An angry Ali-Khan gets out his shotgun but Byrne prevents him using it - Ali-Khan is grateful Byrne has saved him from a life in prison.

The Crime Syndicate want Byrne eliminated so they set an elaborate trap to corner him. A violent fight between Byrne and the mob ensues in Canal Street and Byrne is in considerable danger when Annie arrives and bundles him into a car, saving his life. She, along with everyone else, had assumed he was the murderer but he convinces her of his innocence and she slowly decides to help him.

On his return home, Byrne finds his flat surrounded and cordoned off, and crawling with police. His landlady, Edith, has been gruesomely murdered.

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