Sean Bean Gun Drama at Ringway
June 24, 1999

Bean there, done it . . . Toughguy actor Sean Bean during filming at Manchester Airport for the four-hour television drama Extremely Dangerous

HOLIDAYMAKERS watched in amazement as movie star Sean Bean raced through Manchester Airport armed with a pistol.

Another gunman ran amok on the roof of a multi-storey car park.

But there was no cause for alarm - the dramatic scenes were being filmed for a TV thriller.

Tough-guy actor Sean plays the lead in a four-hour epic called Extremely Dangerous, which is due to be screened in the autumn.

It also stars Tony Booth, the father-in-law of Tony Blair, and Juliet Aubrey, who appeared in the BBC's Middlemarch drama.

Sean, 39, the star of such films as Stormy Monday and Patriot Games, takes the role of a convict from Manchester who is convicted of killing his wife but escapes from a train as he is being transferred to jail.

A 50-strong technical crew, five members of the cast and 25 extras took over areas of Ringway for filming.

An airport spokesman said: ``We took every possible precaution to inform people in advance about what was happening.''

Bean to be a baddie in new TV cops and gangsters drama
June 24, 1999

Actor Sean Bean has landed a £150,000 role as a gangland thug in a new £5 million Fugitive-style ITV series.

Bean, 39, will star as Neil Byrne, a Manchester crook serving a life sentence after being accused of the murder of his wife and daughter, who escapes from prison.

Bean has appeared in the films Patriot Games and James Bond film Goldeneye, but is perhaps best known for his role in the ITV period drama Sharpe. The four part series will be shown later this year.

Bean on the Run
June 25, 1999

Sean's £150,000 to star in Fugitive-style TV show

HUNKY Sean Bean is teaming up with Tony Blair's father-in-law for a £5 million Fugitive-style television drama.

The star of Sharpe has won a £150,000 deal to play a murder convict who goes on the run. Tony Booth, dad of Cherie Blair, makes his TV comeback as a sinister crime boss in the gritty ITV series Extremely Dangerous. In the four-part series to be screened later this year, Sean, 39, stars as Neil Byrne, who is serving life for the murder of his wife and daughter.

But he escapes from a train while being moved to another prison and sets out to clear his name.

The plot apes Harrison Ford's hit film The Fugitive, which itself was a spin-off of a Sixties TV series.

TV chiefs are promising movie-style action. The jail scenes will be filmed in the £2 million set built for ITV's Bad Girls, one of the most expensive ever made in the UK.

Tony Booth, 64, whose screen daughter will be played by Middlemarch beauty Juliet Aubrey, has been involved in several minor acting projects in recent years.

But he's best known as the "Scouse Git" in the classic comedy 'Til Death Us Do Part.

An insider said: "Tony and Sean are perfect for the roles. Tony's character is frightening while Sean plays a complicated and mysterious man.

"He might or might not be the good guy. There are lots of twists and turns. The feel will be more like a movie than a TV show."

Playing action heroes is nothing new for Sean, who appeared as SAS hardman Andy McNab in BBC1's Bravo Two Zero.

But he can do the bad guys, too. He was an IRA terrorist up against Harrison Ford in Patriot Games. And he played rogue agent 006 next to Pierce Brosnan's James Bond in GoldenEye.

Another Case of Bean Means Crimes
10-16 July 1999

Sean Bean comes out of self-enforced small screen retirement this autumn with a major new drama sure to set female pulses racing. Two years after filming BBC drama Bravo Two Zero, the 41-year-old actor finds himself on the wrong side of the law in Extremely Dangerous. Wrongly or not, his character Neil Byrne is convicted of murdering his wife and daughter and sentenced to life. However, he makes a daring escape from a train but his shady past returns to haunt him as he finds himself caught between the mob, the police and sinister government forces. The four-part drama is billed by an ITV spokesperson as 'The Fugitive meets The Long Good Friday meets Defence of the Realm'.

BAFTA-winning Juliet (Middlemarch) Aubrey provides the beauty as local crime boss's daughter Annie Fleming while Tony Booth, aka Cherie Blair's dad, turns up as a criminal godfather. Set in Manchester, filming began last month taking Sean away from daughter Evie Natasha, seven months, and third wife Abigail Cruttenden, in London.

But Sean says the upheaval's been nothing compared to what has gone before : 'It's been a stormy two years. I've got divorced (from Melanie Hill), married, had a baby and moved'.

Phillippa will star alongside Sean
July 8, 1999

A four-year-old girl from Mosley Common is set to star in a new TV programme with heartthrob Sean Bean. Phillippa Howarth won the part in Dangerous Game (ed note: this was one of the working titles for Extremely Dangerous) after being picked from 70 children at an audition in Liverpool. It is the first time the confident youngster has ever done any acting and filming for the series takes place in London.

Proud mum Dawn said: "Some people say Phillippa's dad John is a bit of a dead ringer for Sean Bean - now that she's got the part. For the audition she had to say some lines from the script and she stood on a chair to say them!"

She will feature in a number of episodes as a major part of the plot, with her character appearing in a number of flashback scenes.

"We are obviously pleased but all I can say about her working with Sean is that all my friends are jealous as my daughter gets to call Sean Bean daddy!"

Sean is best known for his role in TV's Sharpe and starred in the hit James Bond film Goldeneye alongside Pierce Brosnan. Tony Booth, father of Prime Minister Tony Blair's wife Cherie will also be in the thriller programme set to be broadcast later in the year.

But John and Dawn won't be letting the success of their daughter go to her head. They are setting up a special savings account for her but said they will give her enough money from the account so she can buy a new Barbie doll.

Meet Mr Bean's new TV Daughter
July 8, 1999

Child star Phillippa Howarth is set to play a Dangerous Game - and it's all down to a fluke telephone call.

The little blue-eyed blonde has been cast in the role of Sean Bean's daughter for a TV thriller to be screened later in the year.

Four-year-old Phillippa, who will be starting school at St. John's Primary in Mosley Common next month, is excited at the prospect. And mum Dawn is flabbergasted.

"It all happened by chance, a fluke telephone call," she said from her home in Mosley Common. "Kay Hilton, a friend from the KMC Agency in Manchester, called me and Phillippa answered. Kay was impressed with how forward she was and immediately signed her up. Within weeks, after one audition which attracted 70 youngsters, Phillippa had landed the role.

"She has no acting experience - nor have I! - but Phillippa is definitely one for getting on the table and dancing. She bounces through life."

Tony Booth
July 26, 1999

Tony Booth is teaming up with Sean Bean for a new gangster series coming to ITV.

The title is still undecided but Tony plays a "reputable businessman" - until Sean Bean's character comes along and spoils things.

"I'm just misunderstood." he says. "My character wants to make an honest living but then Sean turns up and threatens to shatter that. It's a powerful piece."

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