Essex Boys - The Shooting Schedule

Last Update: 18 April 2000

Because of the Easter recess and Alex Kingston's availability, the schedule for ESSEX BOYS was not completely conventional. Terry Winsor explains: "We did rehearsals before we started shooting, and then again in the Easter break as well, which were invaluable. It was interesting to shoot for a few weeks, and then do a few more rehearsals after the characters have taken shape. It was also important for Alex, who had to go back to America mid-shoot to finish off the series of ER. We wouldn't have got a lot of rehearsal time with her otherwise."

Because of the nature of the film, encompassing night clubs and dusk drug drops, a large proportion of the shooting took place at nights. Director Terry Winsor continues: "We did three to four weeks of night shoots, and that's a long time. It was pretty grueling, and the weather wasn't very good - so people got very tired at the end. However, as we shot so many nights, it does add an extra quality to the film. I wouldn't have had it any other way.''

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