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August 2000

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The Other Mr Bean
Lorien Haynes

Sheffield lad Sean Bean's gone South for his new film, but has he gone soft, too?

Sean Bean's the original, professional Northerner. He seduced buxom wenches with his Northern ways in Sharpe, and wore a daisy chain in a very private place as that gorgeous gamekeeping bit of rough, Mellors, in Lady Chatterley. So, what's he doing abandoning his Northern roots for a good old cockney gangster knees-up in his latest film Essex Boys?

Will you be allowed back into Sheffield after playing an Essex lad?

(laughs) Yeah, it's a free country. But I had a great time in Essex. A lot of people there are from the East End and I always get on with East Enders.

So, you'd much rather watch EastEnders than Corrie?

No. Corrie's got more humour. It's more tongue in cheek. Then again, they do have meatier roles to get to grips with in EastEnders.

Talking of meat, which do you prefer, Northern tripe and udder, or Southern cockles and whelks?

I've never had an udder in my life! And I can't say I've had much tripe, either. Do people really think that all Northerners come home, sit at the table and say: "I'll 'ave a bowl of tripe and udder?" (laughs) I think we've advanced a little bit.

As a Sheffield United supporter, how did it feel having your '100% Blades' tattoo hidden by a West Ham one for the film?

It took a bit of getting used to, but it was my idea - it suited the character.

Jarvis Cocker called Sheffield 'Sex City' - was he right?

It depends on exactly what he was thinking about at the time!

Essex girls are famous for them, but have you ever gone out with a girl in white stilettos?

No, I haven't. The girls in Sheffield used to wear those white cowboy boots with glitter tassles.

Urgh! Sounds nasty!

Yeah, but they're not as bad as sandals. I think sandals are horrible. Especially with socks.

'Born in the North. Die in the North'. Comments please.

(laughs) Will I go back to there to die? I would want to be buried there. All my family are up there.

And finally, were you pissed off when the film Mr Bean came out?

No, because I thought it was going to disappear quietly. But then it began to make my life uncomfortable. I started getting Rowan Atkinson's fan mail. And when I gave my name on the phone I'd say: "Mr Bean" and hear muffled sniggers. I wouldn't mind if he wasn't such a nerd.

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