Essex Boys - Mirror Review

Last Update: 15 July 2000

14 July 2000

Source: The Mirror

Jonathan Ross

Essex Boys is based on a true story of crime, betrayal, and violent retribution, and is very good indeed. Told in voice-over by a young taxi driver called Billy (CCM), the film manages to successfully recreate the superfically attractive but horrifically savage world of the modern world drugs dealer.

Unlike so many latter-day crime films which tend to glamourise the nastier elements of society, Essex Boys shows up these men for the cold, unhappy wrecks they are.

Sean Bean is spot-on as the recently released Jason Locke, a thug who favours acid as a method of
finishing off his opponents, and ER star Alex Kingston is a revelation as his wife, Lisa. The whole cast is tremendous and the script is both powerful and acutely observant.

Essex Boys deserves a place in the list of Top 10 modern crime films if only for its uncompromising and unsettling approach. There are no lovable rogues here, no super-intelligent serial killers, no spun-out torture scenes with hip hop music pumping away in the background - just a bunch of average people living out their brutal, miserable lives somewhere in Essex.

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