Essex Boys - Review

Last Update: 11 July 2000

15-21 July 2000

Source: Heat
Boyd Hilton

The plot:

A fresh-faced Essex minicab driver (Creed-Miles) gets involved with the local gangster community after he does some driving for a particularly thuggish villain (Bean), recently released from prison.

What's right with it?

Unlike so many recent sub-Lock, Stock.....gangster Brit flicks, this one has its own confident tone and a compelling narrative, complemented by stylish images of the Essex landscape. ER's Kingston, playing a
feistily rebellious moll, stands out among an array of nice performances.

What's wrong with it?

The central Essex tough lads (led by Bean) are so objectionable you might be too irritated to keep watching.


Length : 102 minutes


Proof that British gangster films can be classy, clever and unpredictable after all.

* * *

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