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Last Update: 06 July 2000

Source: Daily Mail

16 February 2000


Talented Holly
Nigel Dempster

With her sister Sadie Frost basking in the limelight of husband Jude Law - whose role in The Talented Mr Ripley has landed him an Oscar nomination - there is stardom just around the corner for Holly Davidson.

At just 19, the hitherto unknown actress has won a part opposite former Bond star Sean Bean in his latest flick Essex Boys and will be inviting her family along to the May premiere - but strictly as guests.

'Sadie and Jude always ask me along to showbizzy; parties, so it will be a pleasant change to return the gesture,' says Holly. 'I'm naturally brown-haired, but in the film I wear a long blonde wig, short skirt and
white stilettos - typical Essex girl gear. I play Sean's bit on the side, so quite what they will make of it is anyone's guess.'

So far Holly has been in small-budget movies, but with Ralph Fiennes' former wife Alex Kingston also in the film, Essex Boys has all the ingredients of a hit. 'It's my big break,' says Holly 'Sadie and Jude have always been very encouraging and watched everything I've done.'

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