DSAW - Hot Tickets (Evening Standard) - 06 Dec 01

Last Update: 23 February 2002

High concept Basic Fatal Instinct Attraction - The Sequel.
Michael Douglas reprises the good-guy in bad-situation role...again

Plot Shrink Michael Douglas has eight hours to wheedle a six-figure number out of a catatonic psychiatric case, or his kidnapped daughter gets it.

Mikey dread Douglas has made these 'decent middle-class bloke in a fix' roles his own, pushing aside the likes of Mel Ransom Gibson and Harrison Frantic Ford. The only question that now remains to be answered in every film is - how long before Michael goes postal and gets the axe out?

Bean there, done that Sean Bean is the fresh-out-the-pen kidnapper desperate to get his hands on the gem he stole ten years before. Movie-hounds will recognise this glowering baddie as a reprise of the role he played in GoldenEye.

'Smart, stylish and, most important, satisfying' - Los Angeles Times
'A Michael Douglas movie that never stops feeling like a Michael Douglas movie, even when it ought to' - San Jose Mercury News.
Internet Movie Database rating 6.3/10

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