Douglas' trail leads to T.O.

Last Update: 06 December 2000

Douglas' trail leads to T.O.

Source: Toronto Sun

Date: 28 November 2000

Douglas' trail leads to T.O.
By BOB THOMPSON -- Toronto Sun

Wonder boy Michael Douglas? You could say so. Here's his to-do list.

Starting next week, Douglas is in Toronto to shoot Don't Say A Word. He plays a psychiatrist trying to find his kidnapped daughter. He can anticipate lots of running and jumping.

Meanwhile, Douglas is doing coast-to-coast promotional interviews for two pictures. One is Traffic, which opens next month. The other is Wonder Boys, the re-released Curt Hanson feature ignored by moviegoers last February despite rave reviews.

As we all know, he's also a new dad. Refer to baby Dylan. And he's a new husband -- Catherine Zeta-Jones.

So perhaps another Oscar nod would be good, too. There are those who think Douglas' portrayal of Wonder Boys' nutty professor deserves one.

Whether the Wonder Boys re-release will remind Academy voters is yet to be determined.

It didn't work for Warren Beatty and Bulworth a few years ago. Douglas is not shy about hoping he has better luck. Although he admits his dishevelled demoralized professor character isn't very award-winning glamorous. "More like retro-stoned," says Douglas smiling.

But be kind to him if you see him in the city for the next three months. He has a lot on his mind.


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