DSAW - Wiener Zeitung - 17 Jan 02

Last Update: 23 February 2002

Translated by Evi Finsterer

A thriller with a de luxe cast: Michael Douglas as a psychatrist, Sean Bean as an unscrupulous criminal, and the fascinating newcomer Brittany Murphy as a distracted young woman, who as a child had to witness the killing of her father. When the psychiatrist tries to help her, his young daughter is kidnapped.

What could have become a highly intelligent puzzle, mutates towards the end to a thriller, an action laden mainstream movie targeted for broad audiences. But the film is still absorbing - and breathtakingly acted with that mixture of refinement and feeling, that only excellent actresses and actors can deliver. As already said: De Luxe class.

Lorna Chernel, 17. Jan. 2002

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