DSAW - BBC Radio Times - 21 Feb 02

Last Update: 23 February 2002

Michael Douglas proves that marriage to Catherine Zeta-Jones has kept him fit as he sprints around Manhattan without breaking a sweat in this frenetic thriller. Douglas plays psychiatrist Nathan Conrad, whose comfortable existence is shattered when his young daughter is kidnapped. The ransom for her return is a six-digit number, locked in the memory of near-catatonic mental patient Brittany Murphy. Douglas must therefore delve into the girl's damaged psyche, retrieve the number and deliver it to kidnapper Sean Bean and he has one day to do it. While the premise is ludicrous and some of the plot developments heavily signposted (Nathan's wife, played by Famke Janssen, is laid up in their apartment with a broken leg), thanks to compelling performances from Douglas and Murphy, and the pacey direction of Gary Fleder (Kiss the Girls), this adds up to an enjoyable ride.

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