DSAW - Loaded - February 2002

Last Update: 03 February 2002

Loaded, February 2002

In a nutshell: Nuts and 'Cracker'

What's the story? Young mad girl (Britanny Murphy) knows the location of a priceless gem which years ago her bankrobber dad double-stole from bankrobbing partner Sean Bean. However, since she saw her dad killed, she's not saying much apart from "wibble". So Bean kidnaps the daughter of ex-police shrink Michael Douglas to get him to try and unlock Brittanny's birdbath-mental mind.

Lust: Brittany acting mad and 'uninhibited'; Famke Janssen incapacitated with a broken leg in underwear for the entire film. Am I sick?

Carnage: Man gets hit by tube train. Another gets brained with a crutch.

Clever Stuff: Is she mental, or is she just hiding in her mind, wibble?

Stupid stuff: A sickly twist right at the end.


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