DSAW - FHM (UK) - March 2002

Last Update: 03 February 2002

FHM, March 2002

When NY headshrinker Nathan Conrad (Douglas) works his magic with a catatonic teen, Elizabeth (Murphy), he finds she has an unusual case worker: violent criminal Koster (Bean), who needs the doc to tease a seven-digit number out of Elizabeth's head which will lead him to a stash of hidden loot. And just to ensure Conrad's co-operation, he's abuducted his young daughter. There follows much run-of-the-mill kidnap action and mobile-phone shenanigans, all cleverly plotted but ultimately uninvolving. However, any script that keeps the fantastic Famke Janssen in her underwear for the
entire film - she's broken her leg in a skiing accident - must have some merit.

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