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Last Update: 18 February 2001

Source: Toronto Sun

23 January 2001

Not so fresh from L.A. jet lag, Michael Douglas -- Golden Globe nominee who lost to Tom Hanks Sunday -- is back at work here today on the set of Don't Say A Word.

Prediction: Douglas will be commuting to the West Coast quite a bit for two reasons: To get up close and personal with new wife Catherine Zeta-Jones and their new baby, and to do the movie awards parade leading up to the Oscars March 25.

Douglas is a good bet to be nominated for his Wonder Boys lead part and might even get a nod for his co-starring Traffic turn. Don't Say A Word, a kidnap thriller, should finish up in this city by mid-March, giving Douglas a few weeks to prepare for the O-ceremony. But he should be doing lots of back-and-forthing before then.

The weekend travelling might change his mood, but as it stands, Douglas would certainly get lots of nice-guy votes from the cast and crew of Don't Say A Word. Most are saying he's casual, confident and friendly to all on set, not just a few.

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