New Regency gets 'Word' to Douglas, Fleder

Last Update: 06 December 2000

New Regency gets 'Word' to Douglas, Fleder

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Date: 18 September 2000

New Regency gets 'Word' to Douglas, Fleder
By Beth Laski

Deals are being finalized for Michael Douglas to star in and Gary Fleder to direct the psychological action thriller "Don't Say a Word" for New Regency and 20th Century Fox. The long-in-development project, which will be produced by Arnold and Anne Kopelson, is slated to go before the cameras in November.

Fleder was in New York on Friday meeting with Douglas on the project.

Based on Andrew Klavan's novel of the same name, "Word" is about a New York psychiatrist (Douglas) whose daughter is kidnapped and his frantic race to secure her freedom. Fleder will shoot from the latest screen adaptation by Tony Peckham.

Klavan wrote a screen adaptation of his novel, and subsequent versions were penned by Donald Stewart and Christine Roum. Peckham, who also wrote an earlier draft of the adaptation, was brought on again to write another. "Word" won the 1992 Edgar Award for best novel.

The project will be shepherded by New Regency president of production Sanford Panitch and vp production Peter Cramer. Panitch worked for Arnold Kopelson when he was based at Warners, and the studio with then Warners-based Regency initially acquired the material for Kopelson. Regency continued to own the film rights, and Panitch resurrected the project after he came on board in June 1999.

Douglas, repped by WMA, next will be seen on screen starring in USA Films' Steven Soderbergh-directed "Traffic" and "One Night at McCool's," which he also produced. He also starred in Paramount Pictures' Curtis Hanson-helmed "Wonder Boys," which will be re-released this fall.

Fleder, repped by WMA and attorney David Colden, most recently helmed "Impostor" for Dimension Films. He has directed such features as "Kiss the Girls" (1997) and "Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead" (1995).

Anita M. Busch contributed to this report.


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