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March 2001

Don't Say A Word
Michael Douglas seems determined not to take the easy route. In recent years, he's tackled killer lions, sinister pranksters, bisexual psychopaths and, most recently, writer's block.

Now, rather than star in a nice film about an ill pony or something, he's busy making Don't Say A Word, in which he'll play the role of a psychiatrist whose wife is kidnapped by a criminal mastermind. This one's played by Sean Bean and his demands are simple - agree to treat my VERY troubled daughter (Brittany Murphy, voice of Luanne in TV series King of the Hill) or wifey gets it.

Given that Mrs Douglas will be played by recent X-woman Famke Janssen, we're sure he'll do his very bestest to save her. Gary Fleder is set to direct - no bad thing since he was responsible for Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead aka The Good Andy Garcia Film That Isn't Internal Affairs.

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