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Last Update: 11 January 2001

Night Scrawler Column

Source: Toronto Sun
Wednesday, January 10, 2001


Did you get caught in that Macy's parade traffic -- you know, over there at 56th and Broadway? Michael Douglas did.

Yes, Toronto was New York again last night. Or, more specifically, it was really the corner of Bond and Shuter Sts.

It was funny to see all of those parade floats down there, which are the backdrop that cause the Michael Douglas character in Don't Say a Word to be late getting to the hospital.

It was also interesting that yesterday's flurries meant the crew had to shut down early. "It's supposed to be fall," says a crew member. "All we have been doing is shovelling snow."

Whatever it is, the star didn't seem to be complaining last night. He was at the Raptors game and when Scrawler talked to him, he said he was having a super time.

"I am really enjoying it here," he said.

He'd just come from the Director's Lounge and was carrying a beer on his way to Section 109. No, I didn't see wife Catherine Zeta-Jones but he did agree to do a picture with Toronto Raptors dancers Jennifer Sangiuliano and Ashleigh Redfern, who were sporting their best Scrawler look last night, complete with fedoras. I'm not sure what Mr. Douglas thought about all of these people in black fedoras trying to get his picture, but I want to thank him for being so gracious.

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