Janssen playing Douglas' wife in 'Word'

Last Update: 13 December 2000

Janssen playing Douglas' wife in 'Word'

Source: Hollywood Reporter

Date: 08 December 2000

By Zorianna Kit

Famke Janssen ("X-Men") has been cast as Michael Douglas' wife in the Gary Fleder-directed action-thriller "Don't Say a Word" for New Regency and 20th Century Fox. The project is scheduled to start shooting today.

Based on Andrew Klavan's novel of the same name, "Word" is about a New York psychiatrist (Douglas) who is forced to treat a mentally unstable patient with a violent past (Brittany Murphy) to secure the freedom of his kidnapped daughter.

Sean Bean, Oliver Platt, Jennifer Esposito and Guy Torry also are featured in the project, which is being produced by Arnold and Anne Kopelson for New Regency. New Regency president of production Sanford Panitch and senior vp production Peter Cramer are overseeing the project.

Fleder will shoot from the latest screen adaptation by Tony Peckham. Klavan wrote the original screen adaptation of his novel, and subsequent versions were written by Donald Steward and Christine Roum. Peckham, who also wrote an earlier draft of the adaptation, was brought on to write another. "Word" won the 1992 Edgar Award for best novel.

Janssen, repped by CAA, most recently starred in the indie feature "Love & Sex" opposite Jon Favreau. She reteams with him on the upcoming Artisan feature "Made," which Favreau wrote, directed, produced and stars in. The actress's other credits include "The House on Haunted Hill," "Rounders" and "GoldenEye."

"Word" brings to give the number of films New Regency has in production, including the Martin Lawrence starrer "Black Knight," "High Crimes" starring Ashley Judd and Morgan Freeman, Tom Green's "Freddie Got Fingered" and "Squelch," directed by John Dahl.

(Beth Laski contributed to this report.)

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