Douglas gives Brittany her big break

Last Update: 13 December 2000

Douglas gives Brittany her big break

Source: Ananova

Date: 16 November 2000

Brittany Murphy is set to move up a league and star with Michael Douglas in the new £40 million thriller Don't Say A Word.

The 20th century Fox-backed drama based on a novel by Andrew Klavan will go into production next month.

The story focuses on a New York psychiatrist played by Douglas who is forced to treat a mentally unstable patient with a violent past to secure the release of his kidnapped daughter.

The 23-year-old Georgia-born actress made her breakthrough playing on-the-edge youngsters in Drop Dead Gorgeous and Girl, Interrupted. She will also soon be seen in the romantic comedy Riding In Cars With Boys .

A source told Ananova: "This is the movie Brittany has been waiting for. There was talk of Catherine Zeta Jones having some involvement but Michael felt Brittany was absolutely right for the part. He sees enough of Catherine in any case!"

Welsh star Catherine marries Douglas in New York on Saturday. They have a baby son, Dylan.


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