Michael Dumps Catherine!

Last Update: 13 December 2000

Michael Dumps Catherine!

Source: Popcorn

Date: 08 December 2000

He's only been married five minutes and already Michael Douglas has found himself a new bride - on screen at least.

'X-Men' star Famke Janssen has signed up to play Douglas's wife in the action-thriller 'Don't Say A Word'.

Based on a novel by Andrew Klavan, 'Word' tells the story of a New York psychiatrist who is forced to treat a mentally ill patient with a violent past in order to free his kidnapped daughter.

Brittany Murphy has been cast as the patient, with Sean Bean playing the criminal mastermind. He needs Douglas to treat Murphy in order to get vital information about stolen booty.

Oliver Platt, Jennifer Esposito and Guy Torry have also agreed to take roles in the project.

Filming on 'Don't Say A Word' is due to begin today.


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