Crusoe film crew in tree alert

Source: This is York
Date : May 27, 2008
Crusoe film crew in tree alert
By Scott Armstrong

THEY have already brought their fair share of drama to York, but the film
crew currently shooting Robinson Crusoe got drawn into some real-life
action in the city when high winds sent a tree crashing down within
inches of young children in Stonebow.
As Jurassic Park star Sam Neill filmed scenes inside the nearby Black Swan
in Peasholme Green, the heavy tree branches were ripped free and fell
into the street below, narrowly missing a young mum and dad with their
three children.
The road was briefly blocked after the incident, at about 1pm yesterday,
until the film crew working on the TV series downed tools and rushed out to help.
Eyewitness Samantha Wiley, 35, of Fossway, York, said: "They were out within
seconds. They directed traffic around the obstruction while other members of the
team cleared away the debris.
"It was quite dramatic when it happened because the branches missed these
children by inches.
"I phoned the fire brigade who said they'd send someone, but the film crew
reacted so quickly I phoned them back and said don't bother coming.
"Sam Neill came out to see what was going on. Sadly Sean Bean wasn't there.
When the guys were finished clearing the street, the onlookers gave them a
round of applause."
The pair, who starred in Lord Of The Rings and Jurassic Park respectively, have
been spotted throughout York, filming scenes in a boat on the Ouse, in the
Guildhall and in Shambles.


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