Cast Set for Power’s Crusoe

Source: World Screen
Date : May 21, 2008
Cast Set for Power’s Crusoe
LONDON, May 21: Sam Neill, Sean Bean and Joss Ackland have joined the
cast of Crusoe, a 13-part series co-produced by Power, Muse and Moonlight
based on Daniel Defoe’s classic novel.
Written by Stephen Gallagher (Eleventh Hour) and directed by Duane Clark
(CSI: NY), the series follows the adventures of two island dwellers while
looking in flashback at Crusoe’s life before becoming a castaway. Philip
Winchester (Thunderbirds) stars as Crusoe, with Bean as his widower father,
Anna Walton (Hell Boy: The Golden Army) as his love interest and Neill as a
family friend. The show is set to film in the U.K., South Africa and the
Seychelles. The series was commissioned by NBC, with Justin Bodle
serving as executive producer for Power, Michael Prupas for Muse and
Genevieve Hofmeyr for Moonlighting.
“With such a wonderful script, a stellar cast and visionary director on board,
we are well on course to deliver a landmark piece of event television,” said
Bodle, Power’s CEO. “Defoe’s classic story of intrepid adventure and one
man’s journey of self discovery has inspired Stephen into writing a modern
interpretation that we hope will appeal to fans of the novel as well as a
new generation of action adventure fans who love the thrill of a
swashbuckling escapade and to laugh at the modern twists and humor
of a new take on an old favorite.”
—By Kristin Brzoznowski


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