Sean Bean lands role in Robinson Crusoe TV series

Source: The Mirror
Date : May 22, 2008
Sean Bean lands role in Robinson Crusoe TV series
By Mark Jefferies
Movie hunk Sean Bean is to star in a £13million Robinson Crusoe TV series.
The British production for US television will see Sheffield-born Bean, 49,
play Crusoe's father James as flashbacks are interwoven with the action.
Philip Winchester, who featured in the 2004 Thunderbirds movie, is cast in
the lead role in the desert island saga for NBC.
Crusoe and companion Man Friday will face hungry cannibals and wild cats
in the first TV version of Daniel Defoe's classic novel since 1964.

The series could be snapped up by a UK channel if it is a US hit.
Uk production firm Power promises "a landmark piece of television".
The 13 episodes will be filmed in the UK, South Africa and the Seychelles


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